AJ.BA Plugin Trailer Light system

AJ.BA are a popular manufacture of lights These are used on Erde and Daxara trailers amongst others they offer an in expensive light and wiring solution for trailers.
The cables have a 7 pin 12N plug on one end to plug in to the tow vehicle with 2 cables coming out of it.
On the other end of the cables are green and yellow 5 pin bayonet plugs these are similar to the ones used by Aspock although they are not compatible.
This system is an easy and cheap solution for trailers not requiring marker lights and it can be fitted in minutes.
This system does not have any provisions for marker lights.
Aj.BA offer 6 different lights to fit these cables.
for another in expensive range of plug in lights that offer a plug in system but only 3 suitable lights try the Radex plug in system.