LED Autolamps Generation II plug-in system.

LED Autolamps is one of very few Company’s that manufacture a plug-in system for LED lights on trailers. The system has been around over 10 years in Australia the system was Developed for the Australian market and the lights were approved for use in Europe in 2009 this system is now available in the UK.
The LED Autolamps System is very Simple it comprises of 3 cables in Various lengths to suit your trailer. See image below.
The first cable has a trailer plug with 1m of 5 core cable to a waterproof 5 pin plug.
The second cable is LED Autolamps class as a lamp to gooseneck Cable. It is available in 7 different lengths from 3.7m – 7.3m. This cable has a 5 pin socket to join to the first cable. it is designed to run from front to rear of the trailer along the right hand side. On the end of the cable is a Tee shaped plug, this plug plugs into the rear light on one side then has another plug for to accept the 3rd cable.  From the edge of this plug there are 2 cables (Brown Power and White Earth) these are approximately 100mm long and can be used to power marker lights from. these come sealed on the end. if a joint is made on these it is recommended that a water tight joint is made using a heat shrink seal or super seal plugs.
The third cable is LED Autolamps class as a lamp to lamp cable and is available in 6 different lengths from 1.1m – 2.1m. this has a socket on one end that attaches to the second cable and a plug on the other end to attach to the other light. if these cables are not long enough 2 cables can be joined together to make your desired length. This cable also 2 cables to couple up marker lights.
This system is only suitable for 5 LED autolamps Lights the 200BARLPM2 (Boat trailer lamp kit) the 150BARE Rectangular 12v, 150ARME Rectangular Multivolt, 100BARE Square 12v and 100ARME Square Multivolt