LED trailer lights save money

LED Lights can save frequent trailer users money in running costs.

Large scale users such as transport and Plant companies can save money in two ways:


Due to the nature of the filament Bulb, when it illuminates the filament becomes extremely hot when it is left on for a long period of time. A hot filament becomes very soft, and with the harsh ride of a trailer the smallest bump or pot hole can easily break it.

During the winter months when the nights draw in we hear tales of car transport companies changing bulbs up to 3 times per day. Even though this may not cost that much in the way of bulbs, this can easily cost anything up to 30 minutes per day checking and changing bulbs. If you run a trailer for 5 days a week this could potentially cost you several hours per week maintaining a single trailer. LED lights do not have a filament on the other hand, and as a result last far longer.

LED Trailer Lights are available as a ‘multi-volt’ light, meaning they will work on 12 and 24 volt systems. This is Ideal for a plant company that may tow with a Transit van one day and a 7.5 tonne lorry the next. With regular bulb lights you would have to change every bulb on the trailer in order to accommodate a 24v towing vehicle, this is not necessary with multi-volt LED’s.


LED trailer lights do have compatibility problems with some modern cars. This is usually cars with Canbus or Multiplex wiring systems. LED lights only draw a low current that doesn’t register on the cars fault finding system, causing either a very dim output or no output at all. This can be rectified by adding resistors to each light in order to increase the lights load. Flashing LED lights are caused by test pulses created by the cars wiring system. These pulses can be removed with a 7 way Smart Relay. See here.

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