Wiring a 13 pin Euro plug

The 13 pin Euro type plug and socket is now fitted on most caravans to supply power to all the road lights and ancillary power systems such as fridges and charging systems. All of this in one plug, with a secure twist lock. In 2008 this replaced the N type road lighting plug and the S type Ancillary plug on all new caravans. Converters are available to convert either 13pin to 7 pin or 7 pin to 13 pin.

In order for this plug to work effectively we recommend using a vehicle specific wiring loom, or at the very least a 7 way universal bypass relay and a split-charge relay.

Below is the wiring diagram for this plug and socket.

Wiring for 13 pin Euro caravan and trailer electrics

Pin No. Colour Function Cable dia
1 Yellow Left Indicator 1.5
2 Blue Fog Light 1.5
3 White Earth 2.5
4 Green Right Indicator 1.5
5 Brown Right tail / Side light 1.5
6 Red Brake / Stop lights 1.5
7 Black Left tail / Side light 1.5
8 Pink Reversing Light 1.5
9 Orange 12v Permanent power from battery 2.5
10 Grey 12v Ignition on (battery charging or Fridge) 2.5
11 White/Black Earth for Terminal 10 2.5
12 White/Blue NOT usually used 1.5
13 White/Red Earth for Terminal 9 2.5

Because pin 12 is not usually used, 12 core cable can still be used to wire this 13 pin plug.

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