LED Autolamps Harness system for trailer lights

LED Autolamps NEW harness system.

LED Autolamps launched the harness system in April 12 for LED Lights on commercial Vehicles and trailers.
This solution is designed to work all road lights on all trailers and commercial vehicles.
LED Autolamps have made a kit that is easy to add additional marker lights and number plate lights with plug in cables and T pieces.
Reasons for using LED Autolamps Harness system

  • Reduced time fitting :- This can save many hours wiring complex lighting systems
  • Lower skill needed :- Fitters required to use this system do not need to be skilled as the lights just plugs together (except front cable) no skill required
  • IP67 insulation :- Due to the plugs and cable joints the lights are submersible to 1m
  • Easy alterations :- Alterations can be done easily as the plugs can be unplugged and lights added or removed easily
  • Maintenance :- If a light is broken they can be unplugged and swapped

This kit is designed to use only LED Autolamps marker lights but cables are available to fit other brands of rear lights.
Currently the rear lights that LED Autolamps offer in our opinion are not suitable smaller trailers.
However we find that customers are using the marker and number plate system due to it costing less than £4 extra per light for all the benefits shown above.
This is done by using a marker light cable to supply power from a rear light or junction box with the plugs cut off the feed end,
then plug the lights together using the T pieces and marker light cables as usual.
Please see the Image below for full details of the components.

LED Autolamps Harness system Diagram

LED Autolamps Harness system Diagram

1. 8 Core cable to supply the main power.
This has a bare cable at the front and an 8 pin plug on the rear.
This can be wired into a plug (recommended 13 pin) or attached to a junction box.
The 8 pin plug on the other end is designed for use with the harness system only, to supply power to the T piece.
This is available in 5 lengths listed below.
4m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m
2. 8-6pin Tee Piece
The 8 core cable plugs in to this.
On the sides there are 2 x 6 pin sockets these are handed to ensure the correct lamp is connected.
3. Rear lamps.
LED Autolamps offer a few lights with pre wired cables
All pre wired cables have a 6 pin plug with a 2 flying leads with male connectors to accept marker lights or number plate lights.
Cable lengths available on lights are
1.2, 1.8 and 2.4m
Also available are 4 cables with bare ends (.6, 1.2, 1.8 and 2.4m) to fit other lights, these also have flying leads for markers and number plate lights.
4. 2 core T piece.
This is designed to split the power supply for marker lights and number plate lights.
It can be used at any point on the 2 core system.
This has 1 female end to accept power and 2 male ends to supply power to lights, another T piece or Marker light cables.
5. Number plate lights.
Number plate lights can be supplied with a short piece of cable and female plugs to be powered from a T piece or Marker light cables.
6. Marker lights.
Marker lights can be supplied with a short piece of cable and female plugs to be powered from a T piece or Marker light cables.
These are available in different styles.
1491 Classic Rectangular marker with a bracket to mount at 90 deg
1490 Classic Rectangular marker Surface mount
44 Low profile marker 12mm thick with integrated reflector surface mount.
58 Small marker 58mm long x 35mm x 19mm thick Surface mount.
181 Small round marker 28mm OD only 9mm thick (visible) these require fitting into a 20mm hole with clearance behind.
Also LED Autolamps offer Outline marker lights to suit this system.
These are available surface mount or stalk mount, in 2 or 3 colour.
7. 2 core Marker light cables.
LED Autolamps offer 5 lengths of marker light cables.
1m, 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m.
These can be used to.
Join Marker lights, number plate lights to T pieces if the cable on the end of the light will not reach the main cable.
This is ideal if you are running cables down the chassis and you need to join the marker lights on the side of the trailer / Vehicle.
Joining T pieces together.
Powering high level marker lights or number plate lights.
We find this is currently the best solution on the market for LED Vehicle / Trailer lights. Due to the ease of adding lights and the quality of the connection being IP67 ( submersible to 1m ) as most failures of LED trailer lights are due to water ingress where water gets into the light down the cables where there are poor connections.
This is still to be tested due to the age of the system, however the plugs are similar to the ones used on the G2 system manufactured by LED Autolamps and these have been very successful in the UK since 2009 and Australia since 2007.

This system does have a few issues due to the limited range of rear lights available and the fact that only 1 set of rear lights can be plugged in currently this does not allow separate units ( modular lamps ) separate fog or separate reverse or the option of additional lights such as high level lights for additional visibility. in our opinion with the large range of lights and configurations that may be used on a trailer there do need to be more options of lights available.

To purchase lights for the LED Autolamps Harness system from Towing and Trailers please click here.
For cables and connectors click here.