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Wheel measurements

We often find that some people are confused by wheel sizes when it comes to buying replacements. In this post I will explain what these measurements mean, and what to look out for when buying new wheels. Trailer wheels are very similar, if not the same in some cases as car wheels. There are a […]

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Working out Pitch Circle Diameters (PCD)

First of all what does PCD mean? PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter. This is the diameter of a circle that is used to measure the spacing between the wheel studs on a hub or the stud holes in a wheel rim. In this guide are diagrams showing the most popular PCD’s and stud sizes […]

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Tyre speed ratings

Making sure your trailer is fitted with the correct tyres is very important. Here is a short guide to tyre speed ratings. Tyre speed ratings are writen on the wall of a tyre. They can be identified by alphabetical letters ‘J’ through to ‘V’, with ‘J’ being the slowest. Tyre Letter Rating Max Speed (mph) […]

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Trailer tyre load index

With trailers being designed to carry heavy loads, tyres are a very important part. There are several different types tyres including Bias ply, Crossply and Radial tyres. These tyres can all have different ply ratings, so it can be difficult getting the correct tyre for your trailer. Most tyres have their maximum weights in small […]

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Trailer wheel Offset

When purchasing trailer wheels there are a few important dimensions you will need to know. One of these is the ‘offset’. This is the measurement from the centre line of the wheel to the face that bolts to the hub. For example, if your trailer requires a wheel with an offset and you fit a […]

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