Basics of an IVA Trailer Test

This guide is to explain the basics of an IVA and what may happen during the assessment.

Basics of an IVA Trailer Test

The Individual Vehicle Assessment looks at parts of your trailer that can easily be accessed without any dismantling. You may be asked however to remove/open various parts of your trailer, for example; lockable compartments, carpet etc, to allow assessment to take place. If visual inspection on parts such as Brake Cables are not sufficient, you may be asked to demonsrate that your trailer does indeed comply with the requirements and regulations.

If your trailer does not meet the specific requirements, you will be provided with a ‘Notification of Refusal to issue an Individual Vehicle Approval’ certificate. The certificate will notify you of the items leading to the failure of the assessment along with the reasons why. You can then make an appointment for re-examination for up to 6 months after the issue of a ‘Notification of Refusal’ certificate. If your trailer fails the assessment, you are therefore unable to drive it as it is an offence to tow a trailer requiring IVA without an Individual Assessment Certificate (IAC).

Approval Implemention Dates

Trailer Type Implemention Date
Incomplete & complete O1, O4 29th October 2012
Completed O1, O4 29th April 2013
Special purpose trailers 29th October 2014

O1 Very light trailers, 0.75 tonnes or less
02 Light trailers, 0.75 to 3.5 tonnes
03 Medium trailers, 3.5 to 10 tonnes
04 Heavy trailers over 10 tonnes

Summary of Trailer Requirements

Assessment Part Trailer Applicable
Rear Protective Devices (Under Run) Applicable for O3 & O4
Rear Registration Plate Space Applicable for all trailer categories
Steering Effort O3 & O4 if fitted with steered axles
Brakes O2, O3, O4 (O1 if fitted with brakes)
Statutory Plates Applicable to all trailer categories
Installation of Lights Applicable to all trailers
Retro Reflectors Applicable to all trailers
Stop and side marker lamps Applicable to all trailers
Direction Indicators Applicable to all trailers
Rear Registration Lamps Applicable to all trailers
Rear Fog Lamps Applicable to all trailers
Reversing Lamps O2, O3, O4 (O1 Optional)
Heating Systems Applicable to all trailers if fitted
Side Guards 03, O4
Spray Suppression 03, O4
Safety Glass Applicable to all trailers
Tyres Applicable to all trailers
Masses and Dimensions Applicable to all trailers
Couplings All O1 & O2 Trailers
Couplings All O3 & O4 Trailers
General Construction All trailers subject to IVA

For more information on IVA click below to view IVA Inspection manual class 1, 2, 3, 4

IVA inspection manual

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